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How We Work
01. Prototyping
Analysing & Prototyping - As the name suggests, this is preparatory phase for the further processes to come, requirement gathering which consists of feasibility analysis, risk analysis, development time and other such sub processes.
02. Designing / UI-UX
Graphics Designing & UI / UX - We employ the user requirement information gathered during the preparatory phase to develop architectural design of the application and the platform upon which the application would run.
03. Coding
Software Development - Software industry is evolving, and so the software development process too needs to be evolutionary. We selects a software process model on the basis of the given problem domain.
04. QA & Testing
ECS Projects provide a wide range of QA and testing services to ensure the web and mobile solutions meet highest standards as expected by clients.
05. Deploying
This is an Implementation Phase. Pair programming is much like driving an air plane where a pilot and co-pilot take care of driving functions. In pair programming, one developer writes the code, whereas the other one performs review and unit testing, and vice versa.
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